CS403 Assignment 02 Solution Fall 2021

CS403 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2021

Assignment No. 02
SEMESTER Fall 2021

CS403 Assignment 02 Solution Fall 2021

 Total Marks: 20

Due Date: 24-12-2021



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The objective of this assignment is

To be able to understand the concepts of Entity Relationship diagrams concepts and Enhancement in Entity Relationship diagrams.

Relationship Cardinalities.

Database relations concepts.


Your answer must follow the below given specifications.

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  7.  Your answer should be precise and to the point, avoid irrelevant detail.

Lectures Covered: This assignment covers Lectures: 1 to 14.



Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted at or before 24-12-2021.

Question Statement:


Suppose you are required to model “Rent a vehicle” system for an organization to get complete understanding of the domain.  System’s requirements in textual format are given below in paragraphs.

Registered customers can rent out a vehicle for their common use. By using this system, customer will also be able to know about different types of vehicles (cars, loaders, motorcycles, auto Rickshaw, van, bus, truck etc) available for rent at organization store. Customers can view available vehicles under vehicle categories without registration, but only register customers can send a booking request for an available vehicle with or without a driver (its user choice to rent a vehicle with or without driver). After getting confirmation from the manager, customers will fill a rental agreement form which has all necessary details (duration of hire, fuel detail, rental fee, The purpose of renting, return date, description of the rented vehicle, etc), he/she can select payment method via cash or online. Customers can view discounts/feedback, they may also be able to post reviews/feedback.
The manager can add drivers, vehicle categories (transporter, non-transporter) and vehicle details (cars, loaders, motorcycles, van etc), update vehicle and driver status as available or not available. He/She can view booking requests, confirm/ reject booking requests, view payment details. He/she can view feedback/ reviews and also add offers/discounts for their regular Customer.

In above given scenario some entities have common attributes:

  1. Users (Customers, driver, manager).
  2. Vehicle categories (transporter, non-transporter).
  3. Vehicle details (cars, loaders, motorcycles, van etc) have some common attributes.

CS403 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2021-2022 : 

Entities, attributes and primary keys:

Entities Attributes Primary Keys
Customer Customer_Id, Name, Address, Contact_No, Gender, Email, Pasword Customer_Id
Manager Mang_Id, Name, Address, Contact_No, Age Mang_Id
Vehicle Categories Ve_cat_Id, Ve_type, Ve_cat_Id
Vehicle Veh_Id,Veh_reg_No, Model, Name, Meter_reading, Veh_capacity, status Veh_Id
Booking Bk_Id, Bk_Date, Drive_option Bk_Id
Agreement Agre_Id, Duration, Fuel, Rent_fee, Return_date Agre_Id
Driver Driver_Id, Name, Address, Contact_No, Status, license_No Driver_Id
Payment Pay_Id, Total_Amount, pay_status, pay_date, Discount_amount, Total_payable Pay_Id
Review/feedback Feedback_Id, Feedback_desc Feedback_Id
Discount/offers Discount_Id, User_type, Disc_percent Discount_Id


You’re required to perform the following tasks.

a)        Draw the Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EERD) by considering above given scenario and table. You are required to identify and draw super types and sub types properly. Draw relationship cardinalities in alphabetical notation.


b)        Perform the Cartesian product (Booking X Feedback) on the following relations:


CS403 Assignment 02 Solution Fall 2021-2022 :