cs605 assignment 2 solution 2021

cs605 assignment 2 solution 2021


Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2021

cs605 assignment 2 solution 2021

Question No 1:                                                                                      10 Marks

You are required to choose a suitable name/term against each description given in the below table. You are required to write only index numbers (No alphabet) of name/terms in the below table against each description.

Note: Solution according to above guidelines will be acceptable only.


  1. Data element type (DET)
  2. External Inquiry
  3. Logical File
  4. Threat
  5. Record element type (RET)
  6. External Input
  7. High Complexity
  8. Maintainability of a Software
  9. Software Security
  10. Low Complexity
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Answer Sheet

·         Create any other answer sheet format.

·         Write any other alphabet (character) instead of Numeric index number.

Name / Terms Descriptions
6 Its main intent is to maintain a single or multiple Internal Logical Files (ILFs).
5 Represented by the number of columns present in a database table.
10 If the number of record element types (RETs) are in the range of two (2) to five (5) while the number of data element types (DETs) are in between one (1) and nineteen (19) in the case of ILFs and EIFs.
4 A mathematical indication that a potential attack on the system may occur and cause serious damages to a computer system through worms and viruses etc.
3 A combination of items, which can be considered as a separate/single unit.
2 Its foremost focus/intent is to present information to the user.
9 It is the implementation of practices that measure and defend systems from vulnerabilities to guarantee that software continues to perform its intended functionalities.
8 It has the ability to determine the quality of a software system in an indirect manner.
1 Refers to a collection of single type of data whose physical implementation is not being considered.
7 If the count of data element types (DETs) are in the range of five (5) and fifteen (15) while the number of file type referenced are greater than two (2) in the case of  External Inputs.


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